Over the course of two decades building enterprise software for performance-minded teams, the SaaS veterans at Ordway have seen the limitations of legacy systems in the finance tech stack. We took what we’ve learned from working with our customers, and created the Ultimate Guide to Architecting the Finance Tech Stack

Now, we’re breaking that whitepaper down for you. In this three-part webinar series, experts from our team walk through why legacy approaches to the finance stack fail, how to avoid costly mistakes in your tech stack, and how to assess your finance stack and data readiness for automation. They share the latest insights, walk through actual examples from Ordway customers, and show you how to future-proof your tech stack as you grow. 

Check out the archives of the sessions below: 

[Webinar archive] Make a plan: Blueprints for the performance economy

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Interact with Ordway Founder and CEO, Sameer Gulati, as he discusses the emerging performance economy. Sameer will explore how pricing and delivering your service is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional effort requiring a new approach to the finance stack. He will highlight companies large and small who are driving incremental value for their customers and reaping the rewards through fair, flexible pricing. 

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[Webinar archive] Future proof? Assessing your finance stack and data readiness for automation

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Making sure your systems and data are ready to support billing automation is important to future success. Hear from Theresa Hall, Customer Success at Ordway, and learn from the 100s of implementations seen by Ordway professionals to understand how to avoid future issues with your: chart of accounts, data sources, integrations, pricing models, and revenue reporting.

[Webinar archive] Where legacy approaches to the finance stack fail

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The needs of today’s customers are growing increasingly demanding, and businesses are becoming more complex to meet these needs. Unfortunately, rather than working for you, the very systems you rely on to support your operations are likely cutting into your bottom line. Join Ordway Product Manager Brannon Adlesh, as he walks through some of the common areas where legacy approaches fall short and what you can do to identify problems before they become insurmountable challenges in the near to medium term. 

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