Eliminate friction

What you can do with the Salesforce Connector App

  • Automate order-to-revenue - when sales team signs up a new client and “close wins” an opportunity, set up one-click invoicing and provisioning of future renewals.
  • Integrate Salesforce or Ordway Quotes - ensure what your sales team sells fits within accepted boundaries and details are accurate.
  • Manage your product and plan portfolio - eliminate the guesswork for your sales team by creating a simple set of offerings.
  • View customer billing history in Salesforce - see how contract line items, contract value, and term change over time.
  • Eliminate costly data-latency issues - sync contract details between Salesforce and the Ordway platform for accurate information throughout your finance tech stack.
  • Report upon accounts receivable and contract KPIs - use Ordway platform generated data to create executive reports and dashboards.

Eliminate risk

Best CRM to billing option for B2B businesses

  • Flexibility to accommodate any business model: transaction-based, tiered, SaaS subscription, usage, hybrid.
  • Activation and updating of contracts mid-term within Salesforce (and provision access, functionality via the Ordway RESTful API).
  • Ability to manage business evolution with minimal change management effort (e.g. - a new Salesforce process. Simply map fields/objects to the appropriate Ordway platform field).
  • Full visibility of a customer’s payment history and standing to manage the post-sale billing relationship for customer success and sales professionals.
  • No need to license and configure expensive iPaaS like Workato, Celigo, to connect your CRM to your general ledger software.