Ordway supports SaaS subscription management and billing in 6 important ways

SaaS subscription billing software is complex. The partner you choose must understand the details of getting the right invoice, to the right person, at the right time. Generating accurate revenue schedules based on your contracts is as important.

It’s 2021 and your SaaS subscription management has no room for error. The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform is designed to handle the complexities of SaaS subscription billing and contract management in 6 important ways.

negotiate contract terms two people

Unique contract pricing and terms

SaaS companies that have variable pricing and terms have unique contracts and billing. The Ordway platform manages the details of each negotiated contract and generates accurate billing and revenue schedules.

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subscription with billing schedule

Business models that go beyond simple subscriptions

Subscriptions that includes usage/metered-based pricing, tiered pricing based on volume or spend, professional services, and/or hardware require flexible and powerful recurring billing software. The Ordway platform and its API-first approach generates accurate invoices and statements.

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metrics customer success

Source of truth for financial transactions with customers

Customer success and finance and accounting teams can view all financial transactions with clients in a “single pane of glass” view (payments, credits, refunds as well as all records around emailed invoices).

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dashboard saas subscription management

Key SaaS metrics and ad hoc reporting tool

Ordway’s underlying database powers out-of-the-box monthly recurring revenue (MRR), annual recurring revenue (ARR), and churn reports for a snapshot of the overall health of your business. Additionally, the Ordway platform includes a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool to report on any data within the platform (product mix, regional growth, etc).

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API blurred

RESTful API-first approach

SaaS applications can provision access, manage trials, batch invoices, and collect and process payments through the Ordway platform’s RESTful API.

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Salesforce View in Ordway

Turnkey integrations with leading CRM and accounting software

Salesforce and QuickBooks Online, along with other leading software tools, are seamlessly connected with the Ordway platform to remove manual workarounds in your billing process.

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