Finance module

Configure the Ordway platform to meet the needs of your business and not the other way around. Define your revenue recognition rules, access aging reports, define financial periods, and map Ordway to your general ledger. All edits to your configuration are logged and viewable via easy-to-access audit logs.


Dashboard Reports Ordway
Aging report to see current status of outstanding invoices across individual or all customers
MRR for a given date range by customer or group of customers
Revenue recognition report
Chart of accounts
Manage and customize chart of accounts
Add, edit, remove new account types
Create and modify map to general ledger
Assign codes to charge of accounts
Create hierarchy within the general ledger chart of accounts
Assign account-type and sub-type to the account
Journal entries
Create and modify and delete journal entries (access based on roles and permissions)
Assign the date to the Journal Entry
Ad hoc journal entry creation for custom time period
Choose transaction types associated with the journal entry
Financial periods
Create and modify length of financial periods
Create and modify financial period
Close financial period
Export journal entries for specific financial periods
View audit logs for financial periods
Revenue rules
Define rules for recognizing deferred revenue
Define recognition method for recognizing revenue - straightline, exact days in period, custom, etc
Choose fixed period or contract term for revenue rule
Choose recognition interval - monthly, daily, weekly, etc
Choose posting day for journal entry associated with deferred revenue
Revenue schedule
View and export revenue schedules
Audit logs
Traceable events for all API access
Traceable events for all manual events within the system
Traceable events for all webhooks
Traceable events for all background jobs
Logs accessible by customer
Logs accessible by subscription/contract