Dashboard and reporting — financial health

Quickly understand the health of your business by understanding trends in billing and revenue management. The Ordway platform offers full reporting out of the box for SaaS metrics, Accounts Receivable, Revenue, Billing, Invoicing, Renewals, and Subscriptions. See MRR growth over time, visualize your customer mix, and drill down into the inner workings of your business.

Out of the box reports include the following:

  • Total invoices sent and received
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) metrics
  • Growth of customers
  • Growth of contracts


Ordway’s native custom reporting framework empowers users to report on any data stored within the Ordway platform. This includes any custom fields created by customers based on their business needs.

Dashboard Total invoices sent and received Ordway
Customers by invoice and payment value
Invoice value by product or plan
Payment value by product or plan
Business health diagnostic – trailing days snapshots
Payment value by product or plan
Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) metrics
Growth of revenue Month over Month (MoM)
Total MRR (new customers, churn, product, plans)
Net new MRR for time period (new, expansion, churn, contraction)
Growth of customers
Active customers with at least one contract
Active customer count over time and growth
Customers' distribution by product plan
Customer by lifetime billed
Growth of contracts
View number of active contracts
View growth in number of contracts
Distributions of termed and evergreen contracts (by product and plan)
Understand contracts with past renewals
Understand contracts with upcoming renewals
Renewed contract value for a given month interval
Renewed contract by value of contract and term
Renewed contract by count of contract and term – whether or not it is termed or not termed
Upcoming renewals by period
Top customers by renewal amount
Custom reporting
Design reports based on any field stored in the Ordway platform
Create reports based on custom fields based on your business
Save reports for future use
Schedule reports to be emailed to stakeholders at regular intervals