You’ve grown and expanded your business. You now need to establish local entities to support future compliance and growth. You know multi-entity reporting and management is more difficult than it needs to be, and there haven’t been good tools to support your business. Historically, only companies who invested in bulky, fragile enterprise ERPs or subscription management software could support limited automation across their multiple entities. And once set up, they rarely work as advertised. Ordway is changing the status quo and empowering SMBs to compete with the Fortune 1000.

The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform serves as a flexible, affordable bridge between a multi-entity organization’s CRM(s) and General Ledger(s). 

The platform translates the unique contract and subscription details across multiple entities and unifies management and reporting through billing, revenue recognition, and revenue reporting in one comprehensive platform.

Ordway multi-entity framework diagram
Save hours

Consolidate multi-entity reporting and management

  • Report revenue, product mix, customer growth across all child entities
  • Rollup child accounts receivable data to see the overall health of individual or aggregate entities

Drive efficiency

Unify billing with shared products and templates

  • Leverage one product library to create sellable plans that are unique to child entities or span multiple entities
  • Create unique invoice templates for each entity 
  • Assign products and plans to appropriate chart of accounts codes 
  • Configure local payment gateways based on local needs
  • Set base currencies for each entity

Implement controls and adhere to standards

Integrate with the general ledger and send summary journal entries each month

  • Generate revenue schedules based on local accounting standards (GAAP & IFRS 15)
  • Send summary journal entries monthly to your ERP or accounting software

Scale your business globally

Rest knowing the platform is accounting software agnostic

  • Ordway’s flexible framework works with accounting software that supports single-entity architecture like QuickBooks and multi-entity architecture like Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct
  • Leverage the Ordway RESTful API to connect to other business systems