Automate your close process

The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform’s integration with Xero accounting software means you can close your books each month with ease.

The integration supports automated recurring billing, SaaS revenue recognition, SaaS subscription management, usage- and consumption-based pricing models, in any combination you can imagine.

Simply map your customers, the products you sell, and your chart of accounts in Xero and automate journal entries to be sent to Xero on a schedule you determine.


Eliminate manual spreadsheet work outside of the general ledger

Send transaction-level receivables information without a spreadsheet in between


Maintain a single source of truth

Configure Ordway to sync the right data to Xero at the right time

  • Autopost and sync invoices with unique Xero and Ordway IDs viewable in each system
  • Map and sync Chart of Accounts
  • Reconcile bank records and payments each month
  • Issue payments in either system and changes are reflected throughout the flow
  • Create and sync custom fields configured for the specifics of your business

Unify reporting for multi-entity companies

Both Xero and the Ordway platform are designed from the ground up to manage your multi-entity organization

  • Manage multiple currencies and reconcile accounts as often as you need
  • Run each entity independently with separate products, customers, and tax calculations (VAT, sales tax, etc)
  • Report in your base currency, while entity billing and revenue schedules are generated in local currencies