Billing module

Define billing rules for recurring and non-recurring subscription contracts. Configure products, plans, and charges to easily scale your business as you acquire new customers.

Dashboard Products and prices Ordway
List all products and skus
Define price
Define currency
Define taxable or not
Deferred revenue (Y or N)
Choose revenue recognition method - straightline, even periods, front-loaded, back-loaded, prorated
Assign chart of accounts for journal entries
Multilingual support
Archive and retire products
Activate achived products
Add product descriptions
Plans and charges
Define templated groups of product (subscriptions, recurring contracts, one-time, ad-hoc, etc)
Define plan name
Define plan description
Public page URL for self-sevice e-commerce/sign-up/subscription
Assign tiered pricing
Create volume-based pricing
Coupons management
Define one-time, recurring, usage/metered
Per unit or volume pricing
Charge timing (arrears or in advance)
Billing frequency
Prorate charges
Define unit of measure of usage based (Gb, emails sent, impressions, downloads, etc)
Define unit-based discounts
Logic validation for tier pricing
Choose billing start dates and billing days
Align billing to specific date
Determine at plan, product, or entire catalog
Define coupon codes
Fixed and rate coupons
Define expiration date
Define expiration based on event/frequency
Free trial - define the number of days, weeks, months
Usage limit
Multiple subscriptions per customer
Define contract effective, service start, and billing start
Defer contract effective, service start, and billing start
Term contract
Evergreen contract
Renewal term can be evergreen or termed
Setup to autorenew with or without price increases
Term contract
Add plans and charges to subscriptions
Edit contracts/subscriptions by customer
Add discounts to customer specific contract
Define and require prepayments for usage or recurring charges
Change, edit, upgrade, downgrade, cancel products and plans by customer
Configure subscriptions via RESTful API
Billing schedules for customers
Visibility into future revenue/billing by contract over the term
See all billing by customer, contract, or charge
Have access to all customer invoice history within one easy to digest screen
Edit contract terms within a billing schedule
Billing runs
Automate all invoicing for customers
Define group of customers invoicing
Define billing batches based on customer terms
Invoice based on invoice date
Invoice based on charges to date
Deliver invoices by email
Zero balance detection for smart invoicing
Schedule billing runs (day, week of choosing)
Trigger billing runs based on RESTful API