Cross-functional teams operate efficiently and lower costs

CFO profile


  • Scale with flexibility
  • Save money
  • Trust revenue data
  • Make timely decisions

Finance leader profile  copy


  • Create resilient process
  • Accommodate sales' needs
  • Eliminate errors 
  • Close the books quickly

Sales leader profile copy


  • Design complex deals
  • Automate CRM workflow
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Understand revenue insights

Customer Care Profile

Customer Care

  • Identify at-risk customers
  • Resolve billing issues quickly
  • Differentiate customer care
  • Automate renewals
Billing man at computer

Billing and invoicing

Manage unique contracts, subscriptions, and pricing plans at scale

Payments credit card

Payments and collections

Automate customer payment transactions and reduce aging receivables

  • Integrate with major payment gateways like Stripe, CardConnect, etc
  • Process payments automatically
  • Accept checks, ACH, and credit cards
  • Customize dunning workflows and use-expiry notifications
  • Expedite credits and refunds
  • View a full list of payments module features
two women viewing quote email

Quotes, mid-contract changes, and renewal management

Eliminate data lag, make adjustments, and automate customer renewals

  • e-Sign quotes by both parties
  • Convert signed quotes to Ordway subscriptions
  • Ensure accuracy of billing and subscription details
  • Update, change, amend pricing and terms quickly for existing customers
  • Automate creation of opportunity renewals in your CRM
Finance computer chart

Revenue recognition

Eliminate huge spreadsheets and move people to higher value activities

  • Create separate billing and revenue recognition schedules
  • Export summary and detailed journal entries to your general ledger
  • Support ASC 606 accounting standard initiatives
  • Close financial periods up to 90% faster in accordance with GAAP and IFRS accounting standards
  • View audit trails of changes to transactions and invoices
  • View full list of finance module features
Two men with Ordway Report

Revenue insights

Make decisions faster with real-time revenue reports

  • Create detailed ad-hoc reports on recurring revenues, customer movement, and churn based on customer cohorts
  • Track MRR, ARR, and other revenue reports over time to visualize your customer mix
  • View individual and aggregated customer revenue details through a “single pane of glass”
  • View full list of Ordway dashboard features
Christian at SalesForce

CRM to general ledger integration

Maintain a single source of revenue truth

SOC woman with Ordway on Laptop

SOC 2 compliance

Security, availability, and processing integrity are the foundation

The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform’s SOC 2 audit verifies that an independent accounting firm reviewed and tested the company’s internal controls and confirmed that they meet the AICPA’s rigorous requirements for security, availability, and processing integrity.

SOC 2 Badge from AICPA
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