Ordway API lets Dispatch focus on core business - Build vs Buy. Read Dispatch video transcript.

Andrew Leone [00:00:00] Because we’re rapidly scaling and going from 28 to soon to be 50 markets here in the next few months Ordway really helps us focus on the core scalability issues we have to solve inside of our core product and let them take care of all that you know the scaling of the finance piece of our business.

Peter Cullen [00:00:15] So we started out doing billing in sort of what you’re used to and a consumer facing application right. So most of the billing was real time. People had to enter their own credit card and we just billed on the fly. The world that we live in now in Dispatch, we’re working with a lot of companies and those companies needed just better payment terms. So, turns out building a solution for sending invoices and building all those terms billing options it turns out building that system is going to be pretty complicated. So on the engineering team we’re able to focus on our own problem. And just like not worry about the invoicing and the billing. That’s why we decided to let Ordway do that piece of things solved that problem for us.

Christine Sammons [00:01:02]. With the invoicing options that we use. Our customers either request per order which meaning every time an order is completed they get a single invoice but then we have a ton of customers that do many or multiple daily and they requested to have it weekly or batched invoicing versus having now 50 invoices in one week. So it’s nice to be able to have that option for them.

Bhavita Shah [00:01:35] I think the best thing I like is if I want to see something about a specific client I can pull up a whole overview and if I want to see how something is linked like where credit came from or what orders were made up on this invoice, it’s easy for me to click on one and it brings me to everything I need.

Peter Cullen [00:01:56] In terms of the API documentation one of the things that I really liked about Ordway was everything was modeled out in the way that you would normally think of it. And there weren’t really a bunch of like ad hoc end points that were doing different things. They did it in a pretty simple way I think. You know it was easy to work with.

Andrew Leone [00:02:16] Ordway you know it’s been a great solution for a big problem we had no business. They made us feel really comfortable because they’d been very responsive. They’ve been known to react to concerns we’ve had. They’ve been very open to feedback on product enhancements in areas that we’d like to see the product move. So it’s been a really good experience so far.

Dispatch technology powers last-mile logistics for industrial-service companies. For instance, if an HVAC technician needs a part for the job, but doesn’t have it with them, Dispatch can get the right part, to the right person, at the right time. Early on, they realized their initial B2C billing process was causing internal and external friction within their B2B marketplace and needed to fix it fast.

Christine Andrew looking at computer

The challenge

Billing Dispatch customers on the fly wasn’t going to deliver results

The Dispatch platform consists of a mobile app and dashboard software that enables drivers to know when and where they have a package to pick up and deliver. In dozens of cities around the United States, their technology connects willing participants within their Dispatch marketplace. This technology requires engineering resources to continuously reduce friction on that marketplace. They launched their business by billing on the fly using Stripe like a B2C company. They quickly realized that they didn’t want to dedicate engineering time to build a system that could handle the complexity of their business and have a front end that the finance team could manage independently from the engineering team.

Components of the Dispatch business model (custom to each customer):

  • Distance of delivery
  • Speed/timeliness of delivery
  • Volume/size of delivery and vehicle
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The solution

Well documented API leads to three-week implementation/activation

The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform’s REST API allows Dispatch to send transaction details in near real-time to the Ordway platform. The software either processes the transaction immediately through their Stripe account, or aggregates transactions to be processed once per billing period as dictated by the contracts that Dispatch signs with their customers.

“The Ordway API is well constructed and isn’t a random set of endpoints. Since it’s REST, it is a much simpler implementation when compared to legacy SOAP- or XML-based APIs,” said Peter Cullen, Dispatch Software Architect. “I like to keep things as simple, and the Ordway API made this possible. We can focus on our core Dispatch problem space and leave the billing to Ordway.”

Dispatch engineers evaluated the API documentation and chose Ordway after performing quick scale and availability tests. Working with the Ordway team, the Dispatch team implemented the Ordway API with their systems and were processing invoices within three weeks.

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The results

Finance team has tools to manage Dispatch cash independent of the engineering team

Nearly 100% of Dispatch engineering resources are dedicated to continuing to develop and refine their last-mile logistics technology.

For the finance and accounting team, the two pieces of functionality that the Dispatch team appreciates most about the platform are:

  • Individual and batch invoices. Many of their customers may have 50 transactions per week via the Dispatch platform. Instead of firing off 50 individual invoices, the Ordway platform generates a single “batch” invoice that includes all 50 charges. This make it easier for both the Dispatch team as well as their customers.
  • Single view, by customer, for all transactions. The Dispatch Staff Accountant appreciates that she can see all invoices, payments, credits, refunds, emails sent, etc within a “single pane of glass” view of their customers.

And, a billing process that took the Dispatch operations team countless hours each month is now running seamlessly in the background. See how Ordway supports the Dispatch team as they grow and expand their product offerings