Recovering lost revenue and time to focus on value creation

Klara, a New York City-based company, offers a secure messaging platform for healthcare providers that delights patients, saves staff time, and grows the bottom line. It’s a fast growing company that is building a culture of privacy, efficiency, and accuracy while reducing communication barriers between patients, doctors, and others within the healthcare industry.

Klara recovering revenue

The Challenge

Klara’s manual billing process was inhibiting growth and resulting in lost revenue

Klara onboards new healthcare practices to their platform daily, and early on in its growth, they realized their invoicing and billing process was simply not going to scale.

The management team asked the question: Do we have the expertise to build a billing and revenue technology that would keep pace with our expected growth? Rather than going down a technical rabbit hole without a certain outcome, Klara decided to focus on building their core business and find an automated billing system that would integrate with their platform and processes.

Klara office

The Solution

Seamless integration between CRM and billing automation. Recovered revenue and time to focus on core business

The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform met a few key considerations for the Klara business:

Compatibility with Klara’s planned tech stack and processes. The native Salesforce integration allowed them to close deals in Salesforce and automatically generate contracts, plans, and invoices in Ordway based on the terms negotiated with their customers.

Value for dollar. Ordway isn’t the lowest-cost provider, but the platform license and setup, configuration, and activation fees represented a significant savings as compared to other providers in the market.

Comfort with the Ordway leadership team. They wanted to make a choice and move on to issues critical to Klara’s core business. Ordway’s veteran team is a group that’s been at the epicenter of billing and ERP systems’ evolution for the last two decades and have collectively seen hundreds of implementations across a wide variety of industries and use cases.

Haley looking at Ordway dashboard

Configuration and activation guided by Ordway Customer Success’ proactive listening

Ordway’s customer success team worked with Klara to ensure seamless integration between Klara’s SalesForce CRM and the Ordway billing and revenue automation platform. The team took the time to understand the Klara process and business and took the steps early on to mold the Ordway platform to Klara, not the other way around.

Ordway’s billing and revenue automation platform eliminated errors within invoices sent to Klara’s healthcare-practice customer and improved internal relationships between the customer success, engineering, and management team.

Ordway now:

  • Captures new customer activations via the SalesForce integration
  • Creates contracts with the Ordway platform
  • Generates error-free invoices

Time saved on billing meant more time to respond to investor data requests

One additional benefit to the adoption of Ordway was freeing of time to focus energy on fundraising efforts. As Klara was raising a Series A financing round, the Ordway platform produced accurate and digestible reports that enabled the team to respond to investor data requests with authoritative and accurate reflections of current and future billings and revenue.