Build vs. buy and investing for the future. Read Everhire video transcript.

Ordway is a billing and invoicing system that truly focuses on automating the process for you so that as you scale it’s not going to take up more of your time and you’re able to focus on your core business.

I’m Paul Bradley Slay Co-Founder & COO at Everhire. We’re a tech company in recruiting actually helping growing companies recruit top talent.

When we look at vendors our approach to what we want to outsource and what we want to build is really what’s core our business we’re going to keep that in house, we’re going to build it.

But things like billing and invoicing, which aren’t core to what we’re best at, is where we start to say okay, let’s look at the best solutions out there. And, then we’re going to focus on what works for what we need as an early-stage startup, and what’s cost effective.

We do have to think about scaling and particularly with Ordway when looking at billing and invoicing a lot of the big factors were looking at Ordway is a step ahead of what we need right now but we can see that we’re going to need some of the functionality they provide in three months, six months, a year down the road.

And that was huge for us because we wouldn’t have to be back in the market in six months looking for new billing invoicing system.

A moment where I think it was kinda like the a-ha I mean, it was really early on with just the actual invoice template, which the Ordway team created for us… super nice. But it was just so much more professional than what we were using initially.

And then I think my second a-ha moment was when we started getting placements on it not just our monthly subscription contracts, but also the one-off placement fees and it was a much more streamlined process to collect that revenue.

So, working with the Ordway team throughout from the initial sales process and actually using the system now has been fantastic.

Every stage the team has been incredibly communicative, easy to work with, and really there to support us.

In terms of offloading invoicing/billing from my plate in operations, it really does free up a lot of my time to focus on core business processes and things that are important to Everhire.

A lot of that means just minutes back in my day to interact with our recruiting team, and to interact with our clients to give them the level of service they need.

Everhire is a tech startup whose mission is to help growing companies recruit top talent. They are built for scalability, sustainability, quality, and speed. They know what the core of their business is, and they found themselves wasting precious time building parts of their platform that they knew others could do better.

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The challenge

Everhire faced a choice to build vs. buy and invest for the future

When it comes to billing and revenue recognition, they knew their core competencies lay in recruiting, not ASC 606. They also have a fairly complex business model where they charge a monthly SaaS fee as well as a placement fee when candidates are hired and retained by their customers. Before Ordway, every aspect of their billing and revenue recognition process required manual intervention. They knew they weren’t ready for full-blown enterprise systems with their hefty implementations and price tags. They also knew they didn’t want to replatform a year from now by making the wrong choice.

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The solution

Flexible, powerful platform backed by seasoned professionals

The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform offered them the best billing and revenue recognition solution for their stage, and because of its platform approach, the system will continue to grow with them as their needs mature. Everhire chose Ordway for the following reasons:

Expertise. Everhire’s team is built around assembling incredible recruiting talent and designing a tech platform to meet the needs of their recruiter network and their clients. It isn’t the nuances of milestone-based revenue recognition, dunning process, or effective invoice design and delivery. Ordway’s veteran team with decades of experience building SaaS ERP and financial systems means Everhire can rely on Ordway’s institutional knowledge to know the job is getting done efficiently and correctly.

Customer success orientation. Ordway is democratizing enterprise-level billing and revenue management capabilities for the SMB market. Part of that means ensuring industry-leading responsiveness when it comes to the needs to the client. Paul Bradley Slay noted, “At every stage, the Ordway team has been incredibly communicative, easy to work with, and really there to support us.”

Flexibility and power. The Ordway platform is designed to meet the needs of Everhire today as well as the needs of their team as they grow. All fields stored in the Ordway platform can be displayed on invoices. This capability enabled Everhire to automatically generate milestone-based invoices that include a monthly SaaS fee, and print all of the candidates placed, on one easy-to-read invoice for their clients.

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The results

Everhire upped their polish and reclaimed time to focus on core business

The first a-ha moment came when Paul saw the first invoice designed by the Ordway team during the Everhire on-boarding and training phase of configuration and implementation. To him, it was “much more professional than what we were using initially.” The second moment he knew it was working when manual intervention to generate invoices disappeared. For the first time without hours of work, their invoices included an accurate grand total that included both their SaaS fee as well as a list of candidates and their associated percentage-based fee.

Most important to Paul and Everhire was the “time given back each day” so Paul could focus on recruiter and client relations. What Ordway is doing by democratizing enterprise-level finance software for the SMB market, Everhire is doing for the recruiting industry. Reclaiming time from basic tasks not core to building their business, Paul is now able to focus all his efforts on realizing his dream of revolutionizing the way companies attract and land top talent at an affordable price.