Reducing the monthly close from days each month to one click

Simplifying a time-consuming, manual billing and revenue process became important to unblock Aspire’s potential. Aspire, powered by Raffa, is a DC-based company that provides comprehensive perk-management software and unmatched customer service to help organizations build a better workplace. Their customers, who include companies in SaaS-enterprise, commercial real estate, insurance, and many other industries, submit orders for employee-recognition events like lunches, massages, and espresso-bars multiple times a month in an ad-hoc way. Aspire fulfills the event by, organizing all the logistics associated with the orders,  and creates a unique invoice for their customers twice a month.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Aspire’s challenge was to consolidate a unique set of orders from their customers each month to simplify their billing and revenue process

Rapid growth and increasing volume of orders meant each account manager was spending 15% of their time, up to three days each month, consolidating all fulfilled orders.

Their process was to track orders and fulfillment within a quickly-growing and unmanageable spreadsheet. In addition, other team members across the company were being pulled in to help make sure everything checked out.

The monthly ordeal was error-prone and inefficient, and was becoming increasingly complex over time. Because each customer had a unique set of requirements, billing and payment collections became a bottleneck for growth.

They scoured the internet and their personal networks to identify potential solutions to their business pain points. They wanted to automate their process to ensure that all customer invoices were accurate, were automatically sent to the appropriate person at the correct time, and that cash was received on time. In addition to streamlining their process, and making their invoice-to-cash process more efficient, they also wanted to free their staff from the drudgery of the end-of-month close, to focus on service, and customer acquisition. Simply put, they needed to unlock their potential.

The Solution

The Solution

The Ordway platform removed the need for manual consolidation each month by generating on-going, accurate invoices via a RESTful API connection to Aspire

After implementing the Ordway billing and revenue automation platform, all orders within Aspire’s platform now transmit in real-time via the Ordway RESTful API.

At a high-level, the implementation with Aspire systems includes:

  • Customized product plans for each Aspire customer
  • Real-time transaction data from Aspire to Ordway
  • Monthly invoices generated, sent, and collected

Neil Shah, founder of Aspire, is happy to say that “billing is now a click of a button. We generate and email all invoices in minutes rather than days.”

Aspire can now redeploy resources previously spent on consolidating purchases into a monthly invoice to service customers and expand its business.