Why it's time to leave the legacy finance stack behind

Rachel Gonzalez
by Rachel Gonzalez LinkedIn
Jan 13, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Ordway is releasing a new whitepaper, The Ultimate Guide to Architecting a Flexible Finance Stack for Complex Business Models, to help multilayered businesses prepare for the next stage of growth.  

This whitepaper was inspired by the challenges that our customers have encountered prior to partnering with Ordway, such as:

  • Disconnected systems creating blockers and inhibiting growth
  • Gaps between sales and finance teams 
  • Costly systems maintenance and third-party consultants 

Through his time at Zuora, Intacct, and First Data, Ordway founder Sameer Gulati discovered the fragility behind legacy billing systems, as well as what makes the heartbeat of a business- billing and finance- run smoothly. Ordway customers have come to us to bridge the gaps in their sales-to-finance workflows and ensure that this core piece of their business is working properly. 

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In an ideal world, your tech stack would work as a comprehensive unit, which would give you ultimate control over the entire workflow of your business. But there’s a major problem with this blue-sky vision: Many of today’s most popular platforms weren’t built to share data and information easily with each other.

But what does an optimized finance tech stack look like?

Modern work processes are complicated, with siloed teams and disconnected internal systems challenging  your business's growth. 

However, whereas legacy finance stacks include disjointed systems that siphon your team’s time and resources, the finance stack of the future adds value back into your sales-to-finance workflow. The optimized stack provides control over the entire workflow of your business, from order-to-revenue to reporting and beyond.

This whitepaper will help identify the challenges of legacy finance tech stacks, and guide finance leaders through architecting a tech stack that will support their growth. This includes the following considerations:

  • How to evaluate potential consultancy partners
  • What features should be included in your ideal finance stack 
  • The capabilities of the modern finance stack 
  • Benefits of an optimized finance stack 

Download the whitepaper here

We want to hear from you- what do you think of our vision for the finance stack of the future? What would you do differently? Leave us a comment! 

Topics: performance economy, scaling, finance tech stack, workflow automation


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