Ordway Wins 2020 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing

Rachel Gonzalez
by Rachel Gonzalez LinkedIn
Dec 8, 2020 3:30:00 PM

We are excited to be able to announce that Ordway has been recognized by the 2020 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing. This award highlights companies and individuals disrupting industries with innovative technologies, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming to do at Ordway. 

2020 Stratus Award

Ordway platform wins 2020 Stratus Award for Innovation in the Cloud. 

Ordway is a next-generation, API-first, automated billing software, architected to map the complexities of a business’ order-to-revenue workflow with granular detail. This deep understanding of all the moving parts of a sales-to-finance process means it’s easy to change when something unexpected emerges – and something always does. You just swap the details without having to redesign your finance stack or introduce a manual workaround.

Ordway accelerates order flow by managing flexible pricing, complex SaaS subscriptions, and non-recurring contracts, and eliminates data lag between legacy systems.

The platform optimizes efficiencies by automating recurring invoicing and payment collections at scale, and generating billing and revenue schedules aligned in granular detail. And because all of the data is connected at this fundamental level, the platform produces trusted revenue insights when you need them. It also maintains a single source of truth by syncing contract data between CRM and the billing engine. 

In addition to its cutting edge functionality, Ordway surpasses legacy systems with a lower total cost of ownership across implementation, licensing, and configuration. We help customers scale their businesses, and bridge gaps between sales and finance teams. 

Customers with complex business models were faced with the challenge of consolidating a unique set of orders from their customers each month to simplify their billing and revenue process, while other customers required a quicker and more resilient billing process to manage complex recurring and usage-based billing. In light of COVID, many businesses have also faced  needing to provide discounted services to meet customer needs, often requiring manual workarounds when legacy systems can’t handle a change.

Ordway helps customers grow, protect, and streamline their businesses. 

Ordway is a leader in Mid-Market for Subscription Billing on G2Ordway is a leader in Mid-Market for Subscription Billing on G2

Ordway allows businesses to say yes to more deals and make crisper decisions by unifying complex, error-prone, post-sale operations in one efficient engine: 

  • Openfin closes the books 90% faster 
  • Botkeeper sees a 70% reduction of people working on billing 
  • Vestwell saves more than 10 days per quarter getting invoices out the door 
  • Global Mentoring Solutions professionals now have an average of 80 extra hours each month to conduct more important financial analysis for the business. 
  • Nearly 100% of Dispatch engineering resources are now dedicated to continuing to develop and refine their last-mile logistics technology.

Watch this 2-min video describing how 6 companies benefited from the Ordway platform. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo today

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