Ordway Launches New Customer Portal for Complex Recurring Revenue Business Models

Eren Koont
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Aug 24, 2021 9:36:42 AM

Innovative Companies with Subscription and Usage-Based Models Can Enhance Customer Experience with New Self-Service Application

WASHINGTON, August 24, 2021 - Ordway, the billing and revenue automation provider for scaling businesses, today announced the launch of its new, self-service customer portal. As businesses continue to innovate with new complex subscription and usage-based pricing models, the need to clearly explain the charges and calculations on the monthly invoice is becoming a more important part of the customer experience. Ordway customers can use the new billing portal as an extension of their product enabling users to view line-item level details, analyze historical spend patterns, and verify compliance with contract terms.

“As we migrate to a more content-based business model and move invoicing for our over 4,000 customers into Ordway, we needed a more scalable approach to respond to billing inquiries. Ordway’s new portal empowers our customers to make payments and download invoices online via a self-service model, as well as facilitates easier one-stop access for contacts who manage billing across multiple accounts,” said Jessica Feazel, Vice President, Revenue Operations & Technology for AviationManuals. “The Ordway solution will also save us time and resources, as we won’t have to invest in building our own billing portal and will be able to use their open APIs to integrate billing directly into our software.”

The new portal will empower Ordway’s customers to offer their end-users real-time access to all the financial details of their account. Portal users will be able to view an up-to-date account balance, download their latest invoice, and verify recent payment transactions. The portal will offer the option to pay bills immediately via credit card, ACH, and other electronic funds transfers. Additionally, portal users will have access to all historical invoices including the detailed line items for subscription plans, variable usage charges, commission royalties, and sales taxes.

Simulated Customer Portal with customized branding

The new portal will help Ordway’s customers to reduce their administrative costs in Accounts Receivable as end users in line-of-business functions or the accounts payable department will be empowered to answer many of their own questions via the online self-service portal. The user interface of the portal can be configured with customized branding to provide a consistent look that matches marketing materials, technical support interfaces, and invoice templates enabling it to act as an extension of the customer’s product.

“Billing has become an increasingly important part of the customer experience for many companies with complex pricing models. Usage-based charges that vary month-to-month and multi-tiered subscription plans with page-long lists of entitlements have become the norm in recurring revenue business models,” said Sameer Gulati, CEO and founder of Ordway. “To build trust with customers, companies must ensure that they have accurate bills that clearly communicate the products and pricing then put these invoices at the customer fingertips via a self-service web portal.”

About Ordway

Ordway is redefining how growing businesses approach sales-to-finance operations via its billing and revenue automation platform. Built by a team that helped design much of the world’s cloud-based financial billing and ERP systems, Ordway modernizes the end-to-end sales-to-finance process. It eliminates the need for error-prone spreadsheets and manual accuracy checks during the monthly close process to ensure compliance to GAAP & IFRS. Designed with the flexibility that today’s customers demand, and optimized to guide organizations during their growth phase, Ordway smartly manages a business’ most complex customers. Explore the platform at www.ordwaylabs.com

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