Ordway expands billing and revenue management automation offering with Avalara tax compliance

Eren Koont
by Eren Koont LinkedIn
Aug 27, 2019 9:19:00 AM

Washington, DC – August 27, 2019 – Ordway, a billing and revenue automation platform for scaling companies, today announced it has partnered with Avalara, a leading provider of tax compliance automation for businesses, to offer an optional Avalara AvaTax integration to its customers. As a result of this partnership, Ordway customers can now choose Avalara’s AvaTax to more accurately calculate applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges for every billing line item, in real-time.

The newly certified integration with AvaTax expands upon the out-of-the-box Ordway platform tax calculation functionality. This optional integration further reduces manual work associated with calculating and collecting state and local taxes. Also, Ordway customers licensing Avalara CertCapture can seamlessly link Ordway customers to exemption certificates collected and maintained within Avalara.


“We’re excited to partner with Avalara to provide our customers with an option to automatically calculate sales tax,” said Sameer Gulati, Founder & CEO of Ordway. “Our out-of-the-box tax calculations work for many of our customers, but for those that desire the additional power of AvaTax, our integration makes effortless tax calculation and collection possible.”

“We provide a reimagined, next-generation Point of Sale system to restaurants that includes software, hardware, and professional services,” said Sachin Agarwal, Controller at Qu Beyond, Inc. “We want to spend our time focused on growing our business, not calculating taxes. The combination of Avalara and Ordway means we can be confident that the invoices we send our customers, and revenue and taxes collected, are accurate and comply with all relevant tax jurisdictions’ requirements.”

Greg Chapman, senior vice president of business development at Avalara said, “Ordway understands the needs of its customers, and their billing and revenue automation platform reduces accounts receivable complexity for their customers along many fronts. We understand that digitization of business processes is not an option, it is essential. We are proud to offer more accurate and efficient tax compliance solutions to our shared customers.”

Ordway is now an Avalara Certified partner. Certified partners pass a series of criteria developed by Avalara to ensure the connector’s performance and reliability, thereby helping mutual customers benefit from a frictionless experience with Avalara’s tax compliance solutions.

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