Ordway awards 3 DC Tech Heads of Finance for Excellence

Sameer Gulati
by Sameer Gulati LinkedIn
Dec 3, 2020 2:21:10 PM

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of honoring three finance leaders in DC Tech for their hard work and innovation. We piggybacked our awards with DCA Live’s Star CFO virtual gala hosted by Doug Anderson. Although we wish we could deliver these awards in person, we will be donating to the World Central Kitchen on behalf of each recipient to show our gratitude for all that they do to make their organizations better. 

Since the DCA Live community is focused exclusively within the DC-metro region, and our time was limited, we could only highlight a few of the leaders we work within the community. We hope their work serves as inspiration to other finance professionals around the world.

Michael Spitzer, CFO at BAO Systems won for System Innovation. BAO Systems have automated their entire finance stack and connected it end-to-end through BAO as well as Ordway’s API framework, streamlining their internal processes. 

Debbie Williams, VP of Finance and Accounting at Salsa Labs, won for Efficiency. Salsa Labs switched their subscription billing system from Zuora to Ordway, cutting costs and increasing operational efficiency across the organization. 

Mohit Manocha, VP of Finance at Casepoint, was recognized for Digital Transformation. Casepoint digitized their entire order-to-revenue workflow by partnering with Ordway, preparing their business for sustainable growth. 

We at Ordway are honored to partner with these finance leaders as they continue to transform the DC tech scene. 

Topics: billing, SaaS, operations, automation, DCTech, scaling, revenue recognition


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