6 ways to optimize the customer experience with automated billing

Theresa Hall
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Mar 26, 2021 10:30:00 AM

We are in the age of the performance economy, and with that comes high expectations for our customer experience. Investing in CX results in returns in customer satisfaction and ultimately, your bottom line. Meet your customers’ rising expectations by streamlining your internal processes and optimizing your finance tech stack, starting with an automated billing software. 

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1. Eliminate embarrassing errors and streamline processes with automation

By integrating directly with your current CRM, the Ordway billing and revenue automation platform creates an operational bridge between your Sales and Finance teams. This means that closed won deals automatically turn into error-free invoices for your new customer. And, your team will have a single source of truth when closing the books at the end of each month.

“...if you use a system like Ordway, or for that reason, any system that can help automate some of these complexities, you absolutely can increase value for your customer and for your own business and not leave money on the table,” said Ordway Founder and CEO, Sameer Gulati, in our recent webinar on the performance economy.

2. Provide flexibility to customers and sales teams with customized pricing

Flexible pricing is critical for customers in today's performance economy, where customization is key, and a frictionless end to end customer journey has come to be table stakes. With a SaaS billing and revenue automation platform, your sales team can get creative with pricing and handle discounts with ease. Discover how your business can start implementing flexible pricing.

3. Simplify payment collection with an automated billing platform

Automating the invoicing and collections process means payments are more likely to arrive on time, and with an automated dunning system in place, past due notices are also sent to customers at a regular pace. This streamlines the billing process significantly, and also encourages regular touchpoints with customers, leading to a stronger overall relationship.

Check out our recent webinar on assessing your finance stack and data readiness for automation.

4. Make invoices an extension of your brand

You know that consistent look and feel and messaging is important when it comes to a stellar customer experience. But few companies think about what “end to end” truly means. At Ordway, we create customized invoices that are true to our customers’ voice and branding, so that every aspect of the customer experience “feels” like their business. Invoices are easier to understand, and clearly identifiable as coming from our customers, deepening their connection with the end consumer.

5. Have confidence in your reporting

The Ordway billing and revenue management platform seamlessly integrates with CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, payment processors, and accounting systems. This allows for centralized reporting within the platform, which means teams across your organization can be aligned with real-time data. This also means your team can trust the numbers coming out of your system, and external stakeholders can feel confident in the data when partnering with you.

Ordway's robust reporting features gives OpenFin the confidence they need to make proactive business decisions. Check out the full OpenFin case study

6. Regularly communicate with customers

You may not think about your sales-to-finance workflow playing a critical role in your customer experience. But the fact is, anytime you have a touchpoint with your customer, you are presented with an opportunity to delight them. One important aspect not to overlook in this process is your dunning management system. Regularly communicating about late payments can reinforce your brand voice and help reduce churn

The customer experience is a critical piece of your business, but getting it right starts in your finance tech stack. At Ordway, we’re proud to be recognized by G2 Crowd for our customer experience.  We value the partnerships we have with each of our customers and the opportunity to make their businesses more flexible. G2 crowd badge 1 G2 crowd badge 2

Are you ready to take your customer experience to the next level? Request a demo of the Ordway platform today. 

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