Gulati selected to present Your Winning Product Playbook at SaaSNorth

Eren Koont
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Nov 7, 2019 4:27:00 PM

Washington DC – November 7, 2019 – Ordway, a billing and revenue automation platform for scaling companies, is pleased to announce that Founder & CEO Sameer Gulati has been selected to present at the SaaSNorth Conference in Ottawa, Canada. Gulati will participate in a panel session titled “Your Winning Product Playbook,” scheduled for Wednesday, November 27th.

“Listening to customers is key, but so is a vision to fundamentally improve the way organizations and people run their businesses.”

“We’re a product company at our core and the team we’ve built is a reflection of that fact,” said Gulati. “Traditionally, companies start fully investing in product well into their lifecycle. We help companies automate billing and finance workflows and that has to be right from the start. Our customers can’t afford for us to be learning on the job.”


During "Your Winning Product Playbook," Sameer will cover:

  • Initial market opportunity and launch of a MVP
  • What do companies overlook when it comes to having an effective product team
  • Managing the feedback from various stakeholders

“Listening to customers is key, but so is a vision to fundamentally improve the way organizations and people run their businesses,” added Gulati. “We’re all about helping teams relieve billing and revenue recognition headaches so they can focus on scaling their business.”

Each year, SaaSNorth brings together leading professionals from across North America focused on driving their business forward through technology, sharing SaaS best practices, fostering new partnerships, and more.

Presentation Details:

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