Flexibility of billing software API leads to fast implementation for Dispatch

Eren Koont
by Eren Koont LinkedIn
Jul 30, 2019 3:34:00 PM

Dispatch is a last-mile delivery service that is rapidly scaling to dozens of markets around the United States. It helps get industrial service parts to the right people at the right time, and makes money by deeply understanding how far, how fast, and how many parts to be delivered.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Dispatch’s headquarters in the Twin Cities to talk to them about how the Ordway billing and revenue automation platform is helping them scale their business by eliminating invoicing and revenue recognition headaches.

Watch a two-minute video about how Ordway supports Dispatch’s 3PL transaction-based business



As we dove deep with them, the Ordway RESTful API surfaced to the top as the main reason they were able to be up and running in three weeks. 

Peter Cullen, a software architects at Dispatch, collaborated with the Ordway technical implementation team to quickly work out all the kinks. To Peter, the Ordway API was logically designed and documented. It provided the Dispatch team a viable path to a Finance- and Accounting-friendly tool that would enable their revenue team to comprehensively manage customer billing.

Most importantly, as they calculated the impact of assigning in-house developers to build similar capabilities, they quickly realized the total cost of building and maintaining functionality dwarfed the investment in the Ordway platform. Their decision brought a best-in-breed billing software platform to Dispatch so their in-house team is able focus on the core Dispatch business.

Watch a one-minute video on why the Ordway platform API is a fit with Dispatch platform architecture


For the Dispatch team, the Ordway RESTful API addressed 4 key attributes of a rock-solid API as discussed in another post describing the Ordway approach to API development:

  • Documentation is critical. Out of date or missing documentation can cost internal resources lost hours, days, or weeks.
  • Maintenance is mandatory. Will resources be made available to answer questions and implement fixes, if something goes wrong?

  • Commitment is key. Make sure potential partners view their API as a critical part of the service they provide, not as an afterthought. 
  • Flexibility can future-proof your business. Are vendors flexible enough to mold to your business, today and in the future?

Our visit started with some fabulous donuts from Sunrise Donuts, and ended with a solid understanding of why investing in 3rd-party billing software made sense for their business. For us at Ordway, we’re excited to be the right billing and revenue software, powerful and flexible enough to meet the needs of the Dispatch team, at the right time in Dispatch’s scaling process. 

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