Breaking news: Ordway allows Finance to say “yes!” to Sales

Pike Reynolds
by Pike Reynolds LinkedIn
Jul 10, 2020 11:46:00 AM

I’m excited to join Ordway as head of Sales because in my 30 year career I’ve often been hampered in my ability to serve the needs of my customers, chiefly because the Finance team couldn’t support an ideal commercial relationship. 

The Ordway next-generation billing and revenue automation platform fills a gap in the technology stack and enables Finance to support Sales and Customer Success to maximize the value of the customer experience, while also maximizing accuracy and minimizing the time and effort to close the books.


Our CEO Sameer Gulati is an expert in the field who helped launch Workday, Zuora, and Intacct’s financial products, all of which went on to become $1Bn+ solutions to business problems. 

In just the first couple of weeks, I’m hearing from our customers that we save 100s of hours in sales-to-revenue operations, enable digital transformations in months (not years), and free organizations to shift people and resources to engineering, sales, and growth. 

When I joined Splunk in 2008, we had 100 employees and few customers, and most people  thought it was a “funny name for a company.”  My colleagues and I evangelized Splunk as a new, different and better way to do operational troubleshooting. Now Splunk is worth more than $32Bn.  

At Ordway we are transforming the sales-to-revenue process and providing capabilities that enable sales to embrace value-based pricing in the emerging performance economy.   

Drop us a note if you want to explore how we can work together to grow your topline revenue and increase efficiency so you can better serve your customers in these exciting times.

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