Automate Monthly Journal Entries to QuickBooks


Simplify your monthly close

Ordway is a smart billing and revenue automation platform for growing businesses that simplifies how you price products, send invoices, collect payments, and recognize revenue. 

Amplify your investment in QuickBooks accounting software

You configure your connection to Ordway by mapping GL accounts to your QuickBooks account. Once the connection is made, all relevant transactions with your customers are sent to QuickBooks, or simply send summary journal entries monthly.

How billing and revenue automation eliminates 100s of hours of manual workarounds:

  1. Your Sales team “close wins” a deal in your CRM
  2. Ordway maps all relevant customer information to the Ordway contract management and invoicing system
  3. Ordway generates and sends invoices based on the terms your CRM
  4. Ordway automates the dunning process by automatically sending payment reminders and illuminating clients who are past due. Communication automatically stops once a customer is back in good standing
  5. Ordway collects payments based on the billing schedule
  6. Ordway recognizes revenue based on one-time, recurring, and ad-hoc charges according to customizable revenue-recognition schedules/templates
  7. Ordway generates summary journal entries mapped to your QuickBooks configuration and closes the period (with traceable audit logs)
  8. Ordway automatically sends summary journal entries to QuickBooks