Automate billing with 
Ordway + Avalara

Never worry about State taxes again. 


When the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, it set finance and operations teams around the U.S. into a frenzy to figure out how to collect and pay State-level sales & use taxes for cloud-hosted technology.

If you are selling to 10 customers, it’s all manageable out of a spreadsheet, but once you multiply that number by 5 or 10, what once took a few hours can take days for your highly-paid personnel.

Would you and your finance and operations teams rather calculate and pay sales & use taxes or model future business opportunities?

The Ordway billing and revenue automation platform streamlines your invoice and accounts receivable function by simplifying how you :

  • price and tax products
  • send invoices
  • collect payments
  • recognize revenue

With the addition of a connection to Avalara’s software for automated tax compliance, every invoice that is sent includes the correct, local, regional, and country tax to be paid by your client.