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Ordway is on a mission to make you love your finance, billing, and revenue software. In addition to offering our billing and revenue automation platform, we try to be good members of the SaaS and SMB communities. Below are a set of resources that helped us throughout our careers.


Excel Template — Recurring Revenue Schedule
Not quite ready for billing and revenue recognition automation?
Download a template created by finance expert and Microsoft Excel MrExcel.com forum master Jason Yablinsky. Jason is known throughout the spreadsheet community as one of the best problem solvers for rookie and expert Excel users alike.


Controls for First 24 Months
The document contains 38 recommended accounting and management controls that all businesses should enact during the first 24 months of building their business. From setting up General Accounts, to HR and hiring practices, this checklist can guide your activities over the next two years.

Strategic finance scorecardFinance efficiency scorecard

Spend more time analyzing cash trends, product mix and performance, utilization rates, etc. Reduce blockers by automating AR and rev rec workflows. Use this scorecard worksheet to identify whether there is room for you to increase efficiency within your sales-to-finance process.


We invite you to listen and subscribe to our new Pain in the GAAP podcast. Each month we’ll spend 10 minutes covering a new topic we wished we knew when building finance and operations teams at growing companies. We’ll discuss various finance and accounting topics, such as rev rec, A/R, A/P, FP&A, monthly closing, Excel tips, and other general topics.


Learn from experts in the field on how best to eliminate manual workarounds in your billing and revenue management processes.

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