Customers using Ordway billing and revenue automation platform dashboard

Customers want your product or service. You bill. They pay. Those revenues fuel expansion.

But managing invoices, particularly subscriptions, can be complex to the point where billing becomes an obstacle to growth. Most importantly, the larger your company becomes, the more complex deals you strike, the more resources it takes to keep up.

It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to configure your billing and revenue automation platform.

What if your invoice includes a one-time set-up fee, a yearly or monthly SaaS fee, and a volume-based fee for that month or quarter?

This is just one of the challenges we solved by building the Ordway billing and revenue automation platform.

On the surface, producing an invoice should be simple. Behind the scenes, this is actually a very complex, nuanced technical challenge that has implications for customer satisfaction, cash flow, and how you recognize revenue.

Ordway generated invoice with charts
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Getting the billing and revenue details right is what makes the difference.

It’s the difference between a seamless integration and hassle-free interaction with your customers, or a never-ending headache of disgruntled customers and employees.

Like Malcom Gladwell’s concept of “10,000 hours of practice,” our team has spent decades thinking about this challenge facing growing businesses. The result of our “10,000 hours of practice” is the most comprehensive, flexible, and powerful billing and revenue automation platform for growing businesses available today.

Billing and revenue details are our singular focus, so your resources can focus on scaling your company.

The Founding Team

Sameer Gulati, Founder & CEO of Ordway, assembled a veteran team that’s been at the epicenter of billing and ERP systems’ evolution for the last two decades. They’ve collectively seen hundreds of implementations across a wide variety of industries and use cases. Sameer gained the knowledge and desire to found Ordway after tenures at Zuora, Intacct, and Workday as well as roles in product leadership at First Data.

Forged by a deep understanding of the heartbeat of a business – billing and finance – the Ordway platform is now automating billing and revenue recognition for a diverse set of companies across the world in healthcare, real estate, logistics, retail, technology, finance, non-profit, performance management, and media industries.


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