How Much is Invoicing Costing You?

Ordway has saved our clients on average $27,978 on invoicing costs. Click here to see how much Ordway can save you?

Invoicing is essential but cumbersome. It monopolizes too many resources. It diverts you from winning new business.

Escape the billing grind. Ordway’s flexible, easy-to-use billing and revenue automation platform accelerates the entire sale-to-revenue cycle by 90%. The system automates tedious back-office functions so you spend time growing. It’s an elegant solution that simplifies even the most complex billing.

Ordway billing and revenue automation platform empowers you and your team to

Ordway improves critical back-office operations

What Companies Are Saying

“Ordway saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars by automating all our billing processes that we were doing manually.”
Cherian Thomas - CEO Spotluck

“Life before Ordway was brutal. We were manually processing all users and invoices. The Ordway team automated it all. They know billing and they are wonderful to work with.”
Susan Zechter - Business Intelligence, ListReports

“Manually invoicing and recognizing revenue was becoming a drag on our growth, we were always playing catch up until the Ordway folks came along.”
Brian Razzaque - CEO SocialToaster