Subscription Billing

Automate recurring billing processes for innovative pricing strategies and complex contract structures including:

  • Tiered Subscriptions
  • Usage-Based Billing
  • Percentage Billing
  • One-Time Transactions

Revenue Recognition

Comply with the ASC 606 and IFRS 15 revenue recognition standard for customer contracts. Ordway offers:
  • Multi-Entity Reporting
  • Deferred Revenue Schedules
  • Revenue Sub Ledger
  • GL Integration

Investor KPIs & Metrics

Report to public or private investors on the key metrics driving the growth of your recurring revenue business:

  • New & Expansion Bookings
  • Net Dollar Retention
  • Renewals & Cancellations

Reduce manual processes and 
close the books 90% faster

The Ordway platform simplifies workflows for businesses with dynamic, multi-layered pricing and contracts

Revenue flow

Manage flexible pricing, complex SaaS subscriptions, and non-recurring contracts

Eliminate data lag between legacy systems

Efficiency flow

Automate recurring billing invoicing and payment collections at scale

Generate billing and revenue schedules aligned in granular detail

Insights flow

Produce trusted revenue insights when you need them

Sync contract data between CRM and billing engine

How the Ordway platform is unique: modern, flexible, turnkey

Its flexible API-first, powerful billing architecture means the platform evolves with your order-to-revenue process as you look forward and offer new pricing and terms to meet tomorrow’s customer needs. 

Modern end-to-end architecture designed from the ground up to fully account for tomorrow’s order-to-revenue operations

Flexible configuration handles business change without need to “rip and replace” the finance stack

Turnkey integrations with CRM and Accounting/ERP software and API-first design philosophy makes connections within the finance stack seamless

Ordway customers reduce costs and grow their business

We pride ourselves on pairing our implementation experts with you based on their backgrounds and your business needs.
Learn what it's like to work with the Ordway team during your implementation & configuration phase.


Speed time to revenue at scale


Elimination of human/ spreadsheet error


90% reduction of time quarter end process


30% improvement in DSO


Better decision making through insights